“Evocation of a lost world” for Violon and chamber orchestra


“Evocation of a lost world” for Violon and chamber orchestra

Evocation of a lost world, is the transcription for solo violin and chamber orchestra of the third movement of my violin concerto with symphony orchestra, premiered the last season by Nemanja Radulovic and the Orchestre Pasdeloup at Salle Pleyel of Paris.
In Evocation of a lost world, I take melodies and rythmes of the South –American folklore, like the baguala song of the north of Argentine, that is a kind of lithanie or a plaintif protest, the carnavalito little carnival a popular dance from the North of Argentine, and the malambo, a rough competition dance for men only, where the rhythm evocates the buckaroo galop. These are evocations of a precolombien, ignored and lost.

The works begin by a short introduction played by the whole ensemble in crescendo and diminuendo, with an accompaniement of a baguala’s rhythm: the man is yelling to his lonyless, his fate and his condition. Musically it is a kind of pasaccaglia where the string’s arpeges in pizzicato, imitent the Charango indigen instrument , a sort of a little guitar made with the shell of an animal, with the big drum marquent the baguala’s rhythm in the whole first section of the work. I try to exploit the lyric capacities of the violin, with resonance’s effets when the woodwinds plays an imitation of the soloist lines, like quenas an indigen flute from the North of Argentina, giving an echo in the bigs mountains of the Andes.




1.1.1. bcl.1- Strings


10 m.


05/06/2009, New Paths in Music Festival - City University, Graduate Center, Elebash Recital Hall, New York, NY.


David Alan Miller / The New Paths Chamber Ensemble


Rolf Schulte


New Paths in Music Festival




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